Summer Welding Bootcamp

is the foundational program of the Industrial Arts Workshop. Each summer a cohort of 10 ten students, ages 14-18, are selected from a pool of applicants to participate in a 10 week bootcamp where they learn everything from the technical side of welding to the creative side of planning and constructing a large scale public sculpture for the Pittsburgh Community! 

Students working on team building skills to complete design challenges and participate in field trips to local art galleries, trade programs and industry businesses. 

Past field trips have included visits to McKamish, Inc., the Steamfitters Local 449, the Ironworkers Local 3, New Century Careers, Artist Image Resource, 707 Gallery, SPACE, 937 Gallery, Carnegie Museum of Art, Chatham University Eden Hall Campus, the ARM Institute, Motional, CCAC and Ms. Betty’s African Healing Garden.

Applications for Summer Welding Bootcamp go live each year in April. Please sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date! 

Photo Credit: Murphy Moschetta

"A Day at Camp"

The first day of camp students are outfitted with a set of proper PPE or Personal Protective Equipment and their own set of basic welding and shop tools to keep throughout the program and after. Once students are oriented to the space and general shop safety, there are a series of hands on demonstrations. Students are shown the basics of MIG and Stick welding in addition to how to cut, bend, and manipulate metal with various tools. Throughout camp students are asked to complete different challenges; some related to technical welding skills, some related to team building and communication skills, and others related creativity and design. Examples include “Weld Challenge Worksheets” or design challenges involving working with cardboard to work out a design before making things three-dimensionally out of metal. Our instructors help guide students on the path to welding and team success. This camp is an inclusive and safe space for students to try new things, push their comfort zones, be inspired by, and learn from one another. 

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