After School Welding Labs

are an opportunity for students ages 14-18 to come to the workshop after school to learn technical welding skills and about creative metal sculpture creation. 

Labs take place in the Spring and Fall for 10-11 week sessions. Each week students meet Tuesday – Thursday from 4:00 pm to 7:00pm. This program is more open ended than our Summer Welding Bootcamp program and is largely student directed in terms of scope and projects. 

Fall Session usually starts in October and goes until Mid December and Spring Session typically starts in February and goes until the end of April. 

We are currently recruiting for Fall 2022! 

Photo Credit: Murphy Moschetta

"A Day at the Lab"

The first day a student comes to the After School Welding Lab, they are outfitted with a set of proper PPE or Personal Protective Equipment and given a tour of the shop. Then, through a series of hands on demonstrations and practice, students are shown the basics of MIG and Stick welding in addition to how to cut, bend, and manipulate metal with various tools. Depending on the interests of the student, the lab time can be geared towards the creation of individual projects prompted by instructors or self-directed, or more geared towards learning and practicing technical welding skills. Our instructors are here to help guide students on the path of their choosing and offer up tips and tricks of the trade depending on the task at hand. IAW functions as a community space for students to try new things, push their comfort zones, and be inspired by, and learn from one another. 

Student Testimonial: Anthony Minniefield