Our Mission

It is the mission of the Industrial Arts Workshop to inspire artistic literacy in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond by offering enrichment opportunities that advance the understanding and process of sculpture making artists and their work.

Our Pillars

Industrial Art Workshop's vision is comprised of these fundamental tenants.

Youth Programming
IAW will continue and expand upon the success of the Mobile Sculpture Workshop by providing a unique arts-driven experience to the youth of Pittsburgh. Students experiencing an arts education tend to have higher GPA’s and lower drop-out rates.
Hazelwood Engagement
With a new workshop located in Hazelwood, IAW has the opportunity to serve as a permanent resource and hub for the community, helping to address the needs for access, professional arts exposure, and technical training programs.
Workforce Development
Skilled welders are in growing demand in the region. The artistic programming of the IAW will expose students to potential careers in welding, fabrication, and technical fields. We anticipate partnering with local trade schools to help feed their pipeline for students.
Artist Resource
IAW intends to foster arts collaboration by inviting artists from across the country to share studio space in the Hazlewood facility, showcase their work, and assist in teaching their craft and skills to program participants, both youth and adults.
Class Hours
Art Installations
Funds Raised

Board of Directors

Anne Storm
Board President
Carrie DiFiori
Board Member
Board Treasurer
John Dermott
Board Member
Board Vice President
Katie Coan
Board Secretary
Ken Moir
Board Member